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Toyota has sold all Toyota Land Cruiser 70 SUVs in Australia by 2024

The classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70, which has been in production for almost four decades, is still in great demand in Australia. It is so high there, that the line of orders stretches for two and a half years – till the end of 2024.

The edition notes that right now the seventy is the most deficit new automobile on the Australian market. Systematic interruptions in delivery of electronic components have led to impossibility to satisfy demand for SUV. But Toyota says they are aware of the problem and do their best to fulfill all the orders as soon as possible.

We must remind you that production of Toyota Land Cruiser 70 today continues only in one plant of Toyota in Portugal. Toyota still makes a wide range of modifications, including the classic five-door SUV, one-cab and two-cab trucks, as well as a three-door glazed van (Troop Carrier).

The engine range of the classic Cruzac is represented by two engines: 4.0-liter petrol “six” with 228 hp and 4.5-liter turbodiesel V8 with 205 hp. Both work in conjunction with a non-alternative five-speed “manual” and “honest” all-wheel drive type part-time with a transfer case, downshift gear and a forcibly lockable differential.

At the end of 2022, the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 will undergo another upgrade – due to toughening of certification requirements, vehicles for Australia will already have ‘base’ airbags and knee airbags, optimized front seats and a pedestrian-friendly bonnet.

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