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Audi and Porsche to race in Formula One in 2026

The Volkswagen Group has decided to take part in Formula One races. However, the Volkswagen brand will not take part, but its Audi and Porsche brands. Volkswagen Group Chairman Herbert Diess announced plans for the concern to participate in the royal races.

According to the top manager, interest in the races of Formula 1 is growing worldwide, including a young audience. Formula 1 is the only thing that matters in the world of motorsport right now. Also new teams can only enter the Formula 1 championship if there is a change in the rules of the race. Just in the year 2026 there will be a change of regulations and the Audi and Porsche teams will be able to compete in Formula 1 races. By that time the engines of Formula 1 will be more electrified and switch to synthetic fuels. It will take Volkswagen three or four years to develop the new engine. “Our two premium brands have decided that this is the right time to get involved in Formula 1,” said Herbert Diess.

Another problem to be solved in the participation of Audi and Porsche teams in Formula 1, is to solve the logistics and organization of the transportation of cars and teams to the venue of Formula 1, Formula 1 has 76 tracks, on all continents. And you need to calculate the logistics of each stage of the race formula-1.

For a comment, we turned to the representative of A1Auto, Inc.: – Logistics for Formula 1 teams, it is a science, because you need to calculate not only the delivery of cars on the track, and spare engines, a couple of tons of fuel, hundreds of liters of oil and coolant, more than 30 tons of accessories and spare parts. There is still need to deal with the customs authorities, each of the countries of the Formula 1 stage. To solve these problems Volkswagen Group – will create a separate structure.

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