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Rules that drivers should not forget in the fall

Autumn is the time of the year when it gets darker, colder, wetter and more dangerous every day, and each of these factors affects driving safety. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t drive in the fall, but caution has never stopped anyone.

Children on the road

With the advent of September, the number of children on the roads becomes many times greater. Accustomed to empty streets over the summer, the driver, starting from September, is simply obliged to become extremely attentive again.


Experienced drivers know that fallen leaves on the road are dangerous. Braking on them is more problematic, and ABS rarely helps. The conclusion is to go slower.

Dirt on glass

In autumn, the windshield becomes noticeably dirtier, which impairs visibility. If in the summer it was possible not to think about the cleanliness of the glass for weeks, in the fall it is better to wash it daily. And do not forget to fill in the winter windshield washer.

Climate control

Leaves are very fond of falling directly into the air supply, so do not forget to clean it from this “fertilizer”. Otherwise, when it gets really cold outside, your air conditioning system will begin to experience problems.

Tire pressure

When the temperature drops, the pressure in the tires also drops. Therefore, if you last inflated your tires in 35-degree heat, do not forget to check the pressure after the onset of cold weather.

Order in the trunk

Any, even the newest and most serviceable car can get up and not start. Therefore, take your swimsuit out of the trunk and put a warm jacket there – just in case. 🙂


In summer, even the weakest battery copes with its task. In autumn, much more energy is required. Fingers crossed: headlights, air conditioning, glass cleaner. Wipers and lights in the cabin will also have to be turned on more often, so check the condition of the battery and replace it if necessary.

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